The 10ktoTalent Show: How to Develop Talent in Kids

How to discover and develop amazing talent in your children. Listen to ideas on how parents can systematically discover and develop talent in each of their children. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of falling into a hobby that has no market value.
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The 10ktoTalent Show: How to Develop Talent in Kids



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How to discover and develop your child's first 100 hours of talent.

Apr 30, 2015
Can Minecraft Be Turned Into a Talent?

Can a gaming hobby, such as Minecraft, be turned into a real long-term talent? Yes, it can be! But you must re-cast the interest in a way that focuses on bringing value to others. When you switch from doing a skill for just your own enjoyment, to doing a skill so that it brings real value to other people, you transform the hobby into a talent.

I discuss with my wife Renne about how we have been successfully able to turn one of our children's talent into a potential for real long term talent. 

At the end of this episode, we finish with this call-to-action:

Go listen to the interview by Wardee Harmon of Traditional Cooking School. This interview is a discussion on how you can gradually turn a traditional skill, such as backyard gardening, into a long term market valuable skill for your young person.


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